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Journeying with ALS

  We took a day off rehearsals to participate in the panel:  “Journeying with ALS: Finding Voice Through Art, Music and Technology.” This evening was the culmination of a year’s work, in collaboration with Ron Hoffman of Compassionate Care, ALS, and Lesley University,… Read More

A Note from PermaDeath Director Sam Helfrich

Technology is everywhere: in front of our eyes, at our fingertips, and all around us, delivering information, news, romance, friendship, and a massive amount of entertainment. Every day new advances in technology mean the world is moving faster and faster. PermaDeath is an… Read More

What is a Faceware Singer?

   Please meet Nathan Rodriguez and Jennifer Caraluzzi, our intrepid Faceware singers. What, you may ask, is a Faceware singer? Nathan and Jenn use their faces and lips to power PermaDeath‘s avatars’ faces and lips so that the avatars are lip syncing to live singers. They mime the Computer… Read More

A Note from PermaDeath Composer Dan Visconti

Why are we here, and what happens when we die? Some aspect of this question forms the bedrock of all philosophy and religion, and each age answers with its own updated myths. In today’s world, we have records and data that will outlast our physical forms;… Read More

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