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A BIG Thank you to all!

Dear Friends of White Snake Projects: Thank you for taking a risk with us by supporting PermaDeath as audience members, donors, hosts, volunteers, creators, artists, panel members, and well-wishers. As I look back over PermaDeath, the most challenging production we’ve ever done, I’m filled with wonder at how we managed… Read More

Opening Night

Opening night was last night. Hard to believe we only have two shows left – tonight, Friday September 28 and tomorrow, Saturday, September 29. Our creative team was on tenterhooks with fingers and toes crossed that the gods of technology would be smiling down on us. And yes, they… Read More

Dress Rehearsal Videos

Composer Dan Visconti took a few videos during this week’s dress rehearsals. … Read More

“It’s the night before the big night.”

“It’s the night before the big night,” so the entire ensemble sings in Scene 6 of PermaDeath as they contemplate the Tournament of Death that they’ll be fighting in the next day. A sleepless night for all. It’s the night before the big night for the artistic and creative… Read More

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